I am looking for players who want to come try Vindictus on Oct 15 (the beta release date).

Vindictus is a combat MMORPG that involves destructible environments and using anything you can find as a weapon (from ceramic plates to the corpse of your enemy). Hack and slash strategy will just leave you dead. This game requires you to think as many enemies have different forms of counter attacks and triggered movements to your skills (in a way you have to counter their counter attack and use the environment to your advantage).

If you are interested contact my xfire: Demonspike

System Requirements:

This is the only game other than those created by Valve corp to run on a modified Source engine. The graphics are very polished and system requirements are not as demanding thanks to this 3d engine.

CPU: Duo Core or higher
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 7xxx series or equivalent
Operating System: Windows XP or higher
Hard Drive: 6 Gigabytes or more
Network: Broadband Recommended

http://passport.nexo...Theme=Vindictus <---- Register http://vindictus.nex...ort/Client.aspx <---- Download

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