The $600 Dollar Canadian Gaming Rig

Both of us are complete noobs so when we actually got this to work, we were honestly surprized.

Here is the computer me and my friend built under $600. Was it the best rig? No definitely not. $600 dollars Canadian was his budget so DDR3 ram and compatible motherboard was out of the question he said (only would have costed him an extra $50 bucks more for a ddr3 mobo version of this and ocz 4gig ddr3 ram). The motherboard though was said to be pretty decent for a low end board (its not ASUS material, but it is still pretty good for the price we paid) and the ram was on sale so we said what the heck.

4 Ram slots, 5 Sata slots, 4 PCI E x1, 1 PCI E x 16 for $73.50 after rebate? Pretty damn good

We also went with the AMD brand for the processor and got us the cheapest quad core on the market (AMD II x 4 620) and the stock cooling that came with it (so if he wants to overclock in the future, he will have to put down some cash). As complete noobs, we went for the cheapest lol. Looked at some reviews online (dunno if you can trust online reviews but better than nothing), and said it was pretty good for the price.

Also the case was surprizingly good for $25 bucks. 3 fans 1 120mm and 2 90 mm (the 120mm and 1 of the 90mm fans had red led lights). Fit was alright too and yes it did pull the hot air out of the case quite nicely (for a cheap case, it was pretty good. Not the best but good enough for sure). Heck it is even wide enough to fit any heat sink

Video card was XFX Radeon HD 4870 750MHZ 1GB 3.6GHZ GDDR5 PCI-E 2XDVI HDCP Video Card. Despite being over a year old, it is still one of the top 7 video cards on the market and has no problem playing any of todays latest games the highest possible settings.

The 500w Powersupply was returned though. Although 500W was the bare minimum for HD 4870 (according to ATI) and it was a thermatake brand PSU (OCZ and Thermatake are the brands he trust), he had a PCI wireless adapter, sound card, external hard drive and some other utlities helped eat the wattage. Also the AMD II x4 quad core processer didn't help either (it isn't really what you would call "power friendly"). SO you can say we were definitely worried that the video card wouldn't hold up when put under stress. We used the power supply calc lite [url][/url] to get a general gist of the power that is required to run it. But it doesn't tell you the range of the wattage it would take when under stress

Just to be on the safe side, we threw down $20 bucks more for a 700W

We tried it out for a couple of his games like LFD2 and MW2 on the highest settings and got no problem whatsoever (unsure how much stress those games put on the card). But to be on the safe side he decided to return the 500W PSU, get store credit and throw in $20 bucks more for a OCZ ModXstream pro 700W.

Here is overall what we bought:

It works for him, and i am surprized we put it together no problem. Especially since we didn't have any clue what would be the best things to get. We aren't really the most computer savy individuals so whatever works, works.

My Tribute to the PS2: Goodbye Beautiful

This has blog post is relayed from my mmosite account

Goodbye Beautiful.

You lived so long it must be your time. You are the last of your kind right now, while your competators died the day their successors arrived, you kept on living. "A decade and beyond" you say, "I can still push one more" is what you are telling me, but your time is up.

I had great times with you and upon my youth you were my foundation. You brought me great entertainment from rolling up random objects and living things in Katamari Damacy, to fighting breathtaking collossi in Shadow of the Collosus. You really had everything I loved. FPS, Real-time strategy, adventure, RPG, Racing, Sports, Music, Comedy..etc. Everything about you was beautiful. Your games had amazing graphics and wonderful depth and design. You made me think outside the box, push my boundaries and brought out my imagination like no other.

Yet it is time for me to step into the new generation where everything seems so foreign to me. People starting using terms like casual and hardcore gaming. I am confused with where I fit in. Everyone is telling each other "Your console is not made for me". Throwing around phrases like "The *** only has games for children" and "the **** is just a gore fest for college frat kids". What happened to the console that accomidated everyone? One that made everyone happy, brought everyone peace. A console that you can grow up with.

There is no happy medium anymore. After your children left you for your successors the void was so deep. So ever deep. It was like a gash in the center of the video game universe that has divided it in two. Where your successors to the next generation would take up sides on who it is made to please. "I am designed for the casual and family" says the one. "I am designed for the hardcore and mature" says the others. "Oh where should I go? I am so terribly confused" says the video game developer. "Will I choose the right one?"

I will miss you PS2. You made everyone happy. Never had we to resort to such differences. The young, the teen, the old, you made us feel special in each and everyway. You were the perfect video game system and I will miss you dearly, but I have to move on. A new decade brings a new beginning and it is my time to get a new console.

Love you dearly,


[Andrew is a strong supporter of the video game industry and wishes the ps2 all the best in its afterlife]

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