Cokemon: Chapter 1

You Enter the world of Cokemon, meet a rapist and find out your rivals name is Turd !

Part 1: ~ Ash's Room: Guess what he is watching? And his mom seems so optimistic =D

Part 2 ~ Tall Grass: Dumbass ! Don't go into tall grass ! Also...Don't follow the creepy old Professor IVY !!!

Part 3 ~ Turd Battle: After an Epic Battle of Spamming Tackle....

Part 4 ~ Shitty Tips: Signs are actually not that helpful.....

Part 5 ~ Cheats: Learning how to use obtain "GOD"

Part 6 ~ Spearow can talk : Apparently Daddy loves pokemon...but cokemon don't love me

Part 7 ~ Old Man On Crack!! : I don't want to know why the girl is saying "harder"

Part 8 ~ Delivery boy: I feel so dirty now

Part 9 ~ Boomchakalaka: Sometimes even your neighbors are messed up....but at least Ash is getting some action (and he gets a map too but that isn't that important)

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