*UPDATE RIG* - Added a XFX HD 5870

I have sold both my HD 5770's and replaced it with a HD 5870 video card (it barely fits in my Antec 300 case =P). In the end it still costed me some $$$$ but it was well worth it. Although 2 x HD 5770's are theoretically a bit more powerful than a HD 5870, the problem is that in some games the crossfire setup between the cards would cause "Jumping FPS". Meaning one second you be running at 70 fps and then the next 20 fps. I am not sure why it happens but it does for particular games. Also by having one card instead of two, i have completely reduced the noise and the power consumption. Also the heat seems to no longer be an issue (its weird how running in crossfire would give a 8-10 C jump in temps).

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